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  • More than $700 won in local Oregon and Washington mesothelioma cases
  • More than xx successful Oregon asbestos exposure cases
  • Oregon is and was home to many industries known for asbestos exposure
  • The expansive Oregon coast encouraged shipyards where asbestos was common
  • Close to 200 job sites in Oregon identified as asbestos exposure locations

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Who We Are

Bergman Draper Oslund started in 1995 with a goal to only represent mesothelioma victims. Because asbestos claims and cases are all we do as an Oregon Mesothelioma Law Firm, we have unparalleled expertise. We have won, more than $700 million for our clients. Our record speaks for itself, and we offer detailed and specific results so you can see for yourself what we do every day.

Our 25 years of experience differentiates us from other Oregon mesothelioma and asbestos law firms. What also sets us apart is our singular focus on this type of claims. We are not a general practice, but very niche and results-oriented. We are a small firm that gives personal and individualized attention to every client. When you choose Bergman team, you can count us to tirelessly advocate for you.

You start with a free case evaluation, then we set up a face-to-face meeting about your claim and assign a small team that will stay with you throughout the process. They will be your point of contact, answer your questions, and keep you updated at every stage. For any court appearances or depositions, they will be your side, supporting you the entire time.

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Our Oregon Mesothelioma Attorneys

Our attorneys consist of an exclusive expert team known for winning high profile Supreme Court cases against companies like Pfizer. The law firm partners shown below offer mesothelioma legal representation second to none in the USA.


Matthew Bergman is a founder of the firm and deeply committed to Portland asbestos victim. He’s rated as a “Super Lawyer” for his outstanding work for mesothelioma clients to which he’s dedicated his career. In addition to advocating at the US Congress for asbestos victim rights, he is a philanthropist devoting time and financial support to many worthy causes. He is also an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland and serves as a trustee of Reed College in Portland.



As a veteran himself, Glenn Draper takes particular interest in mesothelioma cases with veterans. He has personally taken depositions ofhundreds of asbestos exposure victims and devotes his career solely to mesothelioma cases. He’s the recipient of the “Quiet Hero” award for pro bono works for those that cannot afford legal representation. He has handled numerous mesothelioma cases in Oregon.



Partner Vanessa Oslund has been fighting for the rights of asbestos exposure victims for more than a decade. One of her specialties is “take home” mesothelioma cases where aasbestos was unknowingly brought home on work clothes, skin, and hair. These victims have mesothelioma yet never worked around asbestos.



Partner Chandler Udo has been taking on corporations that exposed innocent workers to asbestos for eight years. He has special expertise in product liability suits, pursuingn manufacturers that made asbestos-laden products that exposed people to asbestos causing their mesothelioma and has an impressive record of wins in this specialty.

Areas Served

From the Bergman Draper Oslund law office on 5th Avenue in downtown, our Portland mesothelioma law firm serves clients across all of Oregon. With lumber, paper, and shipyards as significantindustries for decades, Oregon has hundreds of job sites where hard-working men and women were exposed to asbestos.

There are many Oregon industries where companies used asbestos components and exposed workers to the invisible and toxic fiber. In addition to those facilities where asbestos was used in construction and components, there was also some asbestos mining in Oregon.

Some of the many Oregon job sites confirmed for asbestos exposure are:

  • Western Kraft
  • Willamette Industries
  • Tongue Point Naval Shipyard
  • Techtronics
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Portland General Electric
  • Fred Meyer
  • Oregon State University
  • Shell Chemical Plant
  • US Plywood
  • James River Paper Mill
  • Burlington Northern Railroad
  • Klamath AFS
  • Boise Cascade
  • Smurfit Paper Mill
  • Commercial Iron Works Shipyard
  • Kaiser Oregon Shipyard
  • Portland Airport

Mesothelioma Settlement/Case Worth in Oregon

Some recent Bergman Draper Oslund settlements and verdicts for our Oregon mesothelioma clients include:

$2.3 million

for a carpenter diagnosed at age 65 that worked at many job sites in Oregon

$2.2 million

for a paper mill security guard in Springfield, Oregon diagnosed at age 33

$1.6 million

for a forklift driver at Electric Steel in Portland at the age of 66


Also, Bergman Draper Oslund helped achieve two record-breaking multi-billion-dollar settlements against Owens Corning and Halliburton that benefited many Oregon mesothelioma victims.


Settlement/Case Worth

If you live in Oregon and have mesothelioma, let the Bergman team help you get answers you want about your asbestos exposure. During your claim investigation, we use our extensive job site research to discover where you were likely exposed to asbestos that caused your illness.

We will work to get you the best compensation possible for your Oregon mesothelioma case. First, we evaluate the value of your case. We start with a free online case evaluation to give you a general idea of the merits of your case and the potential value of the claim.

We will closely examine your medical information and work and job site history to determine the best course of action. You can come into our Oregon office, or we can come to you if you can’t get to us. With detailed background information in hand, we can give you an idea of the claim value and process.


The team at Bergman Draper Oslund has earned $700 million for our clients at trial and in negotiated settlements. We act as a trusted counsel for our Oregon clients. While pursuing compensation for the damage done to you, we also offer a roster of supportive resources to help you.

Our track record shows we win significant settlements for our hard-working Oregon clients. Your mesothelioma was caused by either on-the-job asbestos exposure or second-hand from a loved one that unknowingly brought asbestos home. No settlement can compensate you for the attack on your health and well-being, but it can help you with medical bills and financial stability for your family.

Some actual results from Bergman Draper Oslund’s Oregon mesothelioma clients include:

  • $1.4 million to a Crown Zellerbach assembly line worker
  • $1.4 million to an auto and brake mechanic in La Grande, Oregon
  • $1.7 million to an insulator at Swan Island Shipyard
  • $2.3 million to an Oregon carpenter exposed at several job sites in the state
  • $1.4 million to a second-hand exposure victim whose uncle worked at a local paper mill
  • $8.5 million dollar verdict for a man who was exposed to asbestos containing joint compound

Client Testimonials

Jim Bullis: The lawyers at Bergman Draper really know their stuff

Jim Bullis was exposed to asbestos working in several different trades. The legal team at Bergman Draper Oslund was able to provide financial security to Jim and his wife Judy after Jim’s mesothelioma diagnosis.

mesothelioma client review 1

Sue Harvey Thanks Matthew Bergman

Sue is really grateful to Matt Bergman (Seattle Mesothelioma Attorney of Bergman Draper Oslund Firm), because he helped the family in terms of any legal issue for Bryan's case.

mesothelioma client review 2

Cliff and Roxann Appreciate Bergman Draper Oslund

Cliff's exposure to Asbestos happens in his workplace in a Telephone Building during the 70s. He doesn't feel any signs and symptoms for Mesothelioma until last year. He was not ready with the diagnosis.

mesothelioma client review 4

Curt Channing Values Bergman Draper Oslund

Mr. Channing thought that the pain on his left side was a back problem, until his doctor told him that he has something wrong in his left lung. The diagnosis is a shock to him.

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