Why are some veterans at risk of developing mesothelioma?

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The mineral fiber of asbestos was popular in the armed forces in the 20th century because of its resistance to fire and chemicals. That is why many military members had exposure to this fiber during their service. This exposure has caused some veterans to suffer from mesothelioma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. However, veterans who have mesothelioma may the right to compensation and in some cases a claim with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for compensation for their disease, pain and losses.

Asbestos exposure in the military

Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure. Marine, navy, coast guard, air force and army veterans alike could have had exposure to asbestos in different ways. As a result, many of them have developed mesothelioma, a form of cancer that occurs in the layer of tissue that covers the organs. According to The Department of VA, about one-third of mesothelioma patients are veterans. Veterans can have mesothelioma if:

  • Worked aboard ships or in shipyards
  • Performed mechanical repairs on military vehicles or aircraft
  • Performed or was present when other performed insulation or construction work
  • Worked with pipes, floorings or cement sheets

Victims of mesothelioma have several options for seeking recovery and ensuring that their families are provided for, such as a lawsuit. If you served in the military and developed mesothelioma from performing any of those tasks, you also have the right to ask the Department of Veteran Affairs for compensation. To get your compensation, you must prove that you had contact with asbestos while serving in the military. You must also prove that you did not receive a dishonorable discharge.

Your lawful compensation

The department will compensate you if you show a connection between your disease and your service. As a veteran, you would also have the right to ask for a special monthly compensation if you need the assistance of another person, like a nurse, because of your medical condition. You could also use this benefit to pay for your spouse’s or parent’s nurse if they need one.

The rights of veterans

You have the right to ask for compensation if your service in the military caused your disease. In that case, it would be your right to receive payments for your medical expenses and lost wages. However, as a veteran with mesothelioma, you must act quickly to get your compensation, as time is crucial in these claims.

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