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Client Success Story: $8.3 Million Recovered for a Local Pipefitter Exposed to Asbestos

Video Transcript

The case settlements that we had for the journeyman pipefitter involved someone who entered the trade in the 1960s and worked at various facilities throughout Washington and some in Oregon as well. This case was about identifying all the responsible parties that exposed our client to asbestos. In some cases, there may be just one job site or one exposure where the person gets exposed to asbestos and ultimately gets their disease. However, in this case, we had someone who worked at numerous job sites and was exposed to asbestos for discrete periods of time at many different places.

In this case, we had to piece together all the different places where he was exposed to asbestos. That’s where our expertise as a local law firm in the Northwest came into play. We have in-depth knowledge and experience with other people who have worked at the various job sites that he worked at. We were able to leverage all of the work that we’ve done in the past, including the work that we did on this particular case, and put it together to get the best outcome possible.

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