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Client Success Story: $11.2 Million Jury Verdict for a Worker Exposed to Asbestos at Zidell Dismantling

Video Transcript

This Zidell dismantling case was unique from the beginning. It was very difficult to determine who we could hold responsible for the asbestos exposures that our client had. It was clear that he had exposures at that job site when they were scrapping Navy ships and removing large quantities of asbestos-containing insulation. Through the course of the case, we discovered that a company called Zidell Explorations owned the asbestos on the ships and had common officers and directors who would visit the job site and oversee the work.

Our argument to the jury in that case was that it was their asbestos. They knew asbestos was hazardous, and their owners and directors were there overseeing the job site and the work, but they failed to warn or protect our client. The jury agreed and awarded him $11.2 million.

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