Asbestos Protection Dust Mask Warning – Asbestos Myth Awareness – Part Ten

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Myth – Asbestos Protection From A Mask

Fact – A basic face mask that you can purchase at a home improvement store will offer very little (or absolutely no) protection from asbestos fibers. Asbestos dust and fibers can easily get around the edges of these types of masks and can be inhaled which puts your health at risk.

Fact – To safely work around asbestos, you need a half-face respirator that completely shields your nose and mouth and seals tightly against your skin. A properly fitted respirator will purify the air you breathe and block asbestos fibers from entering your nose or mouth.

Fact – Even a high-quality respirator-type mask must be worn properly to ensure you’re protected. Facial hair can break the seal and allow asbestos fibers in – for proper fit, you must be clean-shaven.

Fact – A high-quality respirator-type mask alone is not enough to protect you from asbestos if you are in an area where asbestos has been disturbed by removal efforts, construction, renovation, flood or fire. In addition, you must wear head-to-toe disposable protective gear including a hat, gloves and shoe covers. These must then be misted with water and removed while the respirator is still on, placed in asbestos waste bags and then the mask removed. A thorough shower afterward is also recommended.

Fact – Asbestos fibers can cling to your clothing, skin, shoes or hair. If you are not coated entirely in protective gear when exposed to asbestos, not only are you putting your health at risk, but your family’s as well. Second-hand exposure to asbestos can have health consequences that are just as serious as it is for those directly exposed to this carcinogen.

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