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Sheet Metal Worker Asbestos Exposure Settlement

Richard was a man who brought a smile to everyone’s face. So it was a great shock to Yvone, his wife of 55 years, and their family and friends when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died that same month.

Because of the suddenness of Richard’s death, an autopsy was performed. It revealed that his diseased lung contained 850 asbestos bodies per gram of wet lung tissue, which is over 40 times the amount considered normal. Even though Richard had been a long-time cigarette smoker, it was clear that asbestos exposure was the primary cause of his death.

As a sheet metal worker, Richard had for many years been exposed to the deadly asbestos fibers that caused his cancer. While investigating the companies responsible for Richard’s exposure, our attorneys interviewed several of his former coworkers. One had a keen memory of the brand names of asbestos-containing equipment they’d worked with over the years.

After a long, hard fight, we successfully settled the case against a variety of defendants, including heater manufacturers and parts suppliers – some of which had rarely before been exposed as makers and distributors of asbestos-containing products.

Asbestos silenced a man whose zest for life brought joy to the people around him. Because his family was determined to ensure his death was not in vain, the companies responsible for Richard’s exposure to asbestos were held accountable. We are proud to have helped bring these companies to justice.

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