What industries commonly involve exposure to asbestos?

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People in the Pacific Northwest work many different types of jobs. People may work in offices, construction, in the medical field, in education, at restaurants, on ships and in shipyards, in the paper industry, in warehouses and many other types of jobs. When people work at these various jobs they are doing so in order to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families. However, there are many differences between these various jobs.

There are different physical requirements, they use different types of machines and technology, they require different types of education, experience and training. They also are performed in different environments. Some contain more hazards than others. Some of the hazards involve the heights people work at or the type of heavy machinery that used. Certain industries or jobs require people to use various chemicals or expose them to certain chemicals. Over time these chemicals can cause health problems.

Common industries involving asbestos exposure

One of the chemicals that many people have worked with or around that can be harmful is asbestos. This can be found in many different industries, but it is more commonly found in certain industries. These include, but are not limited to shipbuilding and service in the Navy, construction and demolition of buildings, firefighting, fabric milling, the manufacturing of certain chemicals, plastics and rubber, brake repair on vehicles and other industries as well.

Workers in Washington and Oregon who are exposed to asbestos as part of their jobs may develop certain diseases, but the most common illness is mesothelioma. The unique part of mesothelioma though is that is it does not form until many years after the exposure. So, people who worked these various jobs years ago could be diagnosed with mesothelioma today. Many times the workers could have and should have been protected from the exposure and may be entitled to compensation for the damages they suffer. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating mesothelioma can be and may be a useful resource.

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