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“Asbestos” is a term that many Washington residents have likely heard of but may not fully understand what it is. It is a naturally occurring substance that has been used for decades in many industrial and construction applications. It possesses fire-resistant qualities that have made it an attractive product for different building trades. Despite its use, asbestos is also a dangerous substance that can cause serious physical injuries and illnesses and those who are exposed to it.

An unfortunate number of American workers have suffered and died from asbestos exposure. When asbestos-related harm manifests, victims can seek compensation for their losses through litigation. Asbestos litigation is a unique area of the law and victims are encouraged to seek out attorneys who work within this narrow field.

This post will introduce readers to some of possible damages that they may be able to recover from asbestos litigation. This post is informational, and readers should not rely upon its contents as legal advice.

Legal damages for asbestos-related losses

Damages based on personal injury claims such as asbestos lawsuits generally fall into two categories. One category is actual damages. Actual damages represent the actual and quantifiable costs that a person has incurred from their illness or injury. They can include medical bills, lost wages, and even funeral expenses for victims who have lost their lives to their asbestos-related complications.

General damages are the damages that a person incurs from a personal injury event that may not be fully quantifiable. These are the damages that cover the victim’s pain and suffering, and their loss of enjoyment of life. It is important that victims understand the full scope of their possible damages so that they can be compensated as fully as possible for their asbestos-related losses.

Recovering damages after asbestos injuries and illnesses

Asbestos is a damaging substance that can ruin lives and destroy families. Long-term exposure to asbestos can result in many serious health complications. Victims of asbestos exposure are encouraged to speak with attorneys who provide representation for asbestos victims. Legal professionals can help their clients draft pleadings and advocate for the recovery of their clients’ damages through asbestos litigation.

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