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Filing a Mesothelioma Claim

Why should you file a mesothelioma claim?

While no amount of compensation can make up for the diagnosis of a devastating illness, filing a lawsuit in a timely manner makes sense for many reasons. Mesothelioma is almost always caused by asbestos exposure. That means your illness is not your fault and you may be owed compensation.

Here’s why you should consider pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit and how Bergman Draper Oslund Udo can help you.

Why Consider a Lawsuit?

Filing a claim can help cover medical costs

Mesothelioma treatment is costly and may not be fully covered by your insurance. In addition, most mesothelioma patients incur significant out-of-pocket costs. An asbestos settlement can help cover needed treatment and reduce the financial impact.

Filing a claim will not cost you any money

Because we work on a contingency basis, we only earn a fee if we obtain a favorable result for your case. This gives you peace of mind that you can pursue a claim without incurring expenses you would not be able to afford while also paying for treatments and other costs associated with a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Filing a claim can help your family

Cancer patients often worry about the financial impact of their illness on those they will leave behind. A mesothelioma lawsuit can help defray the costs of your treatment and allow you to leave your family with some financial security for their future.

Filing a claim forces accountability

For decades, companies knew they were exposing workers and their families to dangerous asbestos but did little to inform or protect those that trusted them. Mesothelioma lawsuits send the clear message to corporations and decision makers that people should matter more than profit.

Filing a claim can be life-changing

A mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating – not only the patient but also for their loved ones. Pursuing a settlement can take stress off you and your family because it offers peace of mind about your financial future. Reducing stress can improve the efficacy of your treatment and improve your quality of life as you deal with your cancer.

Filing a claim is easy

We understand how hard it is to face a mesothelioma diagnosis and make decisions about treatment, finances and your future. So we work to make the claims process as simple and straightforward as possible. If it’s inconvenient for you to come to our office to discuss your suit, we will come to you and do everything we can to make things easier for you and your family.


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