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Asbestos at Georgia Pacific Paper Mills

Asbestos was formerly used in a variety of products produced by the Georgia-Pacific Corp., putting thousands of workers, consumers, and their families at risk of developing mesothelioma decades later. Bergman Oslund Udo Little’s mesothelioma and asbestos attorneys have helped many victims seek justice for their asbestos-related illnesses.

Key Takeaways
  • The Georgia-Pacific Corporation utilized asbestos in its manufactured products from the 1920s to the 1970s, resulting in mesothelioma diagnoses for some who used the products.
  • Despite evidence that Georgia Pacific knew the dangers of the asbestos in their products and failed to adequately report the risks, the company denies liability. 
  • There are legal options available to those diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of Georgia-Pacific’s negligence. 
  • Contacting an experienced mesothelioma and asbestos attorney can be a valuable resource in winning you the compensation you deserve.

The widespread and careless use of asbestos materials in products manufactured by the Georgia-Pacific Corporation continued for nearly five decades, putting hundreds of thousands at risk of deadly cancer. By 2017, more than 64,000 asbestos-related lawsuits had been filed against Georgia-Pacific.  

Bergman Oslund Udo Little is a mesothelioma and asbestos law firm located in the Pacific Northwest, where many Georgia-Pacific operations were based. If you or a loved one has been harmed by asbestos exposure to Georgia-Pacific Corp.’s products, contact us for a free case consultation today.

Georgia-Pacific Paper Mill Mesothelioma Trust Fund & Lawsuits

Thousands of individuals have pursued legal action against Georgia-Pacific due to the devastating health consequences of asbestos exposure. Evidence shows that companies such as Georgia-Pacific were aware of the health risks of asbestos exposure for decades before asbestos was widely phased out in the 1970s.

Georgia-Pacific continues to deny liability for mesothelioma cases among those who used their products. In fact, it came to light that Georgia-Pacific funded counterfeit scientific studies denying the negative health impacts of asbestos exposure. 

Despite ongoing attempts by Georgia-Pacific to block asbestos victims from receiving compensation, the company set up a $1 billion trust fund in 2020 to compensate victims when legal claims are successful. Mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer victims may qualify for compensation related to Georgia-Pacific’s negligence. Contact Bergman Oslund Udo Little today to learn more about your legal options.

Asbestos Products Manufactured By Georgia-Pacific

Some of the most widely used asbestos products manufactured by Georgia-Pacific include:

Occupations at Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Occupational asbestos exposure was prevalent among various trades that utilized products manufactured by Georgia-Pacific. Some of these occupations include:

Second-Hand Asbestos Exposure From Georgia-Pacific

Asbestos fibers are naturally occurring minerals that become dangerous to humans when disturbed. Even if workers or consumers of Georgia-Pacific products were not directly handling asbestos materials, they were still often exposed to it in the environment.

Additionally, when workers or others disturbed the asbestos-contaminated products from Georgia-Pacific, it was common for the dust and fibers containing asbestos to settle on their clothes and skin. In some cases, these harmful asbestos fibers were sometimes accidentally brought home by workers, inadvertently exposing friends and family members as well.

History of Georgia-Pacific

The Georgia-Pacific Corporation is a paper manufacturing company with locations around the United States, including in the Pacific Northwest. Originally founded in 1927 as a lumber company in Georgia, the Georgia-Pacific Corporation expanded to the West Coast in 1947 and began manufacturing paper, pulp, and other wood-based products. Today, Georgia-Pacific operates in over 30 states, directly employs 380 individuals across three facilities in Washington, and more than 1,500 employees at four paper mills in Oregon.

Bankruptcy Filing Due to Asbestos Claims

In 2017, Bestwall, a subsidiary company of Georgia-Pacific, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a successful attempt to stall the legal proceedings for the tens of thousands of asbestos-related claims faced by Georgia-Pacific. By declaring bankruptcy for a subsidiary, Georgia-Pacific was able to pause the litigation of ongoing asbestos claims, effectively pausing the ability of victims to access justice and compensation.

As of June 2023, the courts upheld Georgia-Pacific’s controversial bankruptcy maneuver. These legal decisions can potentially delay compensation to victims for years to come.

Our Asbestos Attorneys Are Ready to Help

For nearly fifty years, the Georgia-Pacific Corporation negligently exposed thousands of workers, consumers, and their families to dangerous asbestos. Additionally, Georgia-Pacific continues to evade accountability for its negligence by using bankruptcy proceedings to stall compensation to victims of mesothelioma.

Bergman Oslund Udo Little’s team of experienced Washington and Oregon mesothelioma attorneys has a proud track record of standing with people harmed by exposure to asbestos. Our skilled attorneys have recovered over $1 billion for victims of mesothelioma and asbestos exposure in the Pacific Northwest. Past clients describe Bergman Oslund Udo Little as an “incredible team of attorneys” relentlessly pursuing justice. 

Contact us at our conveniently located Seattle and Portland offices today for a free case review and learn more about how we can help fight for you and hold corporations like Georgia-Pacific accountable.

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