How to Avoid Asbestos While Traveling – Don’t Risk Your Health!

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#1 Choose newer hotels

Prior to the 1970s, most structures in the US were built using asbestos construction components including insulation, floor tiles, roofing materials and floor and wall coatings. As long as the materials stay encapsulated, there is less of a risk to your health. But in older buildings, inevitably, walls crumble, tiles crack and ceilings get flaky. This frees up asbestos fibers into the air where they can be breathed in and do irrevocable damage to your health.

By choosing newer hotels when you travel, you lessen the risk of exposure to the deadly fiber.

#2 Avoid structures under renovation

Asbestos is never 100% safe, but it’s much safer when it stays trapped in walls, tiles or other components that contain it. The two times that asbestos is most dangerous is during installation or construction and during renovation or demolition. Check to see not only when a hotel was built before you book but if it’s under renovation. A newer hotel is safest and one that is not under renovation is best as well. Also see if the area surrounding the hotel has any demolition or renovation going on. Fibers from a nearby project can blow into your breathing space and put you at risk.

#3 Avoid countries where asbestos is still in common use

Not only has the US not banned asbestos, but it’s still commonly used in many areas of the world where you may travel. Canada, Russia, China and Brazil are just a few of the nations where asbestos is still mined and manufactured into products.

China is the world’s leading user of asbestos followed by India. You are likely to stay in a hotel or visit a facility that uses asbestos containing products in one of these countries. Indonesia, Sri Lanka and many other Asian and Middle East nations are using asbestos products that other nations are banning, so these are all areas to be careful when visiting.

Asbestos exposure causes diseases that kill thousands of people each year

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