Ways that navy veterans may have been exposed to asbestos

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There are many navy veterans living in the Pacific Northwest. They provided a great service to their country and their sacrifices were appreciated by generations to come. Sometimes the work they were required to do or the places they lived, potentially for months, were not the best though. They may have been exposed to dangers on the ships in addition to the dangers they faced while in war or simply protecting the country on the seas.

One of the dangers that many navy veterans were exposed to on ships is asbestos. This was in many different parts of the ship and was widely used because it provided good insulation and was fire resistant. In most ships built before the mid-1970s it was common to find asbestos in pipe coverings, adhesives, valves gaskets and other parts of the ship. It could be found in boiler rooms, below deck, in mess halls and sleeping quarters.

Areas on ships with risk of asbestos exposure

Navy veterans who worked in shipyards up until the early 1990s may have been exposed as asbestos was used in many shipbuilding products. Those who worked below deck until the early 1990s could also have been exposed, especially due to the poor ventilation below deck. Those who were tasked with replacing or repairing the lagging around pipes in engine rooms may have been exposed. Also, any navy veteran who were on ships whose keels were built before 1983 could have been exposed.

This information may seem dated, but the reason is it is still important is because asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, but people will not develop the disease until potentially decades after their exposure to asbestos. There are many navy veterans who are or could be in the time frame when mesothelioma has formed or could be forming.

Mesothelioma is a cancer and needs to be treated like any other cancer. Like other cancers it can also be terminal. Treating mesothelioma can be very expensive and people can suffer physically during the process as well. Navy veterans who have developed mesothelioma may be entitled to veterans benefits as a result or could potentially be able start lawsuits against manufacturers and others who did not protect them from the dangers of asbestos.

Unfortunately, many navy veterans in the Pacific Northwest are dealing with mesothelioma due to their exposure to asbestos during their service. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating this disease can be and may be able to help people receive the benefits and compensation they deserve.

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