Pacific Northwest Asbestos And Mesothelioma Blog

Where would I find asbestos in my home?

We often hear about asbestos exposure from working in certain jobs or industries, so it can be easy to forget that asbestos can be found in our homes, as well. Although newer homes today are built with products that do not contain asbestos, older homes may still put...

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New rules to protect people from asbestos

In Washington, Oregon, throughout the United States and all over the globe, concerns about asbestos and the dangers it presents for illness, disease and death are still sparking calls to action. The subject can be confusing because the risks are known but many...

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Did my employer keep me safe from asbestos?

In Washington, many people earn their living in the automotive industry. Many work as a mechanic or with auto parts. Since most everyone has an automobile, this is a necessary and lucrative line of work. However, there are always dangers with this type of industry due...

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How do you recognize asbestos?

Asbestos is a substance historically found in many household and industrial materials, from insulation, floor tiles, and shingles, to brake pads and drywall joint compound. It can be found in homes, buildings, construction sites, factories, and automotive repair...

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