How do I recognize asbestos?

This blog has a lot of information on asbestos and the aliments that are caused by it. Though, even after reading many of our blogs, one may wonder how to recognize it. But, depending on the situation, it may just be a better idea to just assume the item contains...

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Congress again ponders bill to ban asbestos

A U.S. lawmaker from Montana may be the key for the country to finally get on track toward banning asbestos, a flame-resistant mineral that causes the almost always fatal disease mesothelioma. Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican, is currently helping work on legislation...

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Possible damages for asbestos claims

“Asbestos” is a term that many Washington residents have likely heard of but may not fully understand what it is. It is a naturally occurring substance that has been used for decades in many industrial and construction applications. It possesses fire-resistant...

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