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While awareness of the risks of asbestos exposure has increased nationwide, the sources of that exposure and the effect of asbestos-related disease on each community are unique. Our firm understands that the legacy of asbestos use has deeply impacted the Pacific Northwest. We have strong ties to our community and have offered longstanding support to asbestos victims both in our local area and elsewhere.

A team with roots in the local area

Asbestos use has significantly impacted the people of Washington. Because of the legacy of shipyards, paper production at mills, power plants, oil refining,  and other industries, our community loses many people each year due to asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. The average death rate for these conditions is significantly higher in our state than the national average, and some counties see death rates of three to four times that national average.

Our team understands the toll that asbestos has taken on our community. Every attorney on our team grew up in the Pacific Northwest or attended college in this area, like founding attorney Matthew Bergman. All of us are proud of our ties to our community and our ability to address the significant impact that asbestos has had on this area.

Representing asbestos victims in Washington and Oregon

Asbestos law has been the focus of our firm for more than 25 years. We have built a deep understanding of the law surrounding asbestos exposure during that time. In fact, our firm has created case law in Washington and Oregon which forms the basis for legal claims we bring today. We understand the costs and challenges associated with the chronic and life-threatening diseases caused by asbestos exposure in many local workplaces. We also understand the legal landscape that our clients must navigate to get the compensation they deserve.

In addition to representing the interests of those who directly interacted with asbestos, we have also supported hundreds of families. We understand the impact that the loss of a loved one to asbestos-related disease can have on families, including their stepchildren. We also know that family members of workers can experience asbestos-related disease themselves if loved ones unknowingly carried the fibers home on their skin, clothing or hair.

In our time representing individuals and families impacted by asbestos exposure, we have also gained a great familiarity with the facilities in our area that are common sites of asbestos exposure. These include shipyards and military bases, paper mills, power plants, oil refineries and asbestos processing sites in Washington and in other states. Using this knowledge, we have built a database to help us support our cases as we pursue justice for our clients.

Giving back to our community in other ways

Alongside our work fighting for justice for people with asbestos-related disease and their loved ones, our firm is also dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research into asbestos-related disease and its treatment.

As a part of our mission to support those impacted by mesothelioma, we are proud to support the Swedish Medical Center Foundation’s Thoracic Surgery program. Swedish Thoracic Surgery provides treatment to many people impacted by asbestosis, mesothelioma and other conditions.

We also support a number of charitable organizations in our community. We sponsor the annual Miles for Meso 5K to help increase awareness, raise funds for mesothelioma research and remember the people who have lost their lives to this deadly cancer. We are also proud to sponsor the Michael & Carrie Woeck Foundation in memory of former clients.

Our community and our mission

For decades, we have supported those impacted by asbestos exposure in our area and beyond through advocacy and litigation. We are dedicated to promoting awareness and research into the deadly diseases that have resulted from contact with this harmful material, and we are proud of that commitment to our community.

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