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Products With Asbestos

Thousands of products commonly used during the last century contained asbestos. What would be unbelievable, were it not so well documented, is that for most of this time, the manufacturers were well-aware that the substance is dangerous. Even as the harmful aspects of asbestos exposure grew to be commonly known in the scientific community, asbestos companies still refused to remove asbestos from their products or to warn of the danger.

What’s more, many of these hazardous asbestos products are still in use – and they still carry a grave health risk. As products age, they often dry out, become brittle and begin to disintegrate.

Dangerous asbestos fibers may be released into the environment when those products are dislodged or removed, such as during a home remodel – there can be asbestos in drywall, vinyl flooring, and siding.

Asbestos can also be found in automotive products (such as disc brakes and heat seals), cement products, and everyday home items.